Examples of agile action - Tarzan and a jazz group

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Think about what the following principle could mean to your actions:


1. Tarzan has a strong, simple mission - to rescue the princess

2. Tarzan knows the operating environment thoroughly

3. Tarzan is sovereign, higly skilled

4. Tarzan knows what he can do and what kinds of fights he should take

5. Tarzan moves in just the right size steps - neither too short nor too long

6. Tarzan always makes assessment of the situation before action. The next checkpoint is always known

7. Tarzan controls his movement dynamically - if there are barriers, corrective movements are made

8. Tarzan has a mental model of all upcoming events

9. Tarzan has a rhythm in styles of action: sometimes the action is agressive, sometimes he stops and ponders things

10. Tarzan will always do a risk analysis for the next step - always aware of the risks

11. Tarzan knows all the options rather than rushing headlong forward

12. Tarzan has versatile basic tools for a knife, etc. - always with him, always in good shape

13. Tarzan has a team with specialists - ape for messaging, elephant for force

Jazz Ensemble

14. Jazz band has a common goal, vision and understanding of the organization

15. Jazz band has a stable structure

16. Jazz band members have clear skill-based roles and skill requirements based on that

17. All members of a jazz band have a strong ability to work independently when necessary (as a lead player, doing solos)

18. Most of a jazz band's work is disciplined team work

19. Jazz band has a clear leader who is responsible for the policy and managerial tasks

20. Jazz band works best in a given context - among its own style, in a given presentation format

21. Jazz band doesn't renew itself gradually, but by dismantling it and starting a new team

22. Jazz band has a deep understanding of the how and what it does and of their own music

23. Jazz band has an appropriate configuration - there are just enough players, not too many nor too few

24. Jazz band does not work as a composer, but needs a creative individual to write music

25. Jazz band will also requires an ear above the group that understands the style of music (the record company's management)

26. Jazz band is creative

27. Jazz band is simple

28. A jazz band that is able to improvise has a high level of expertise, combined with experience

29. Jazz band's application of its skills is based on proven models (of which there are enough)

30. Jazz-band operation has been taken into skill-based level, where making choices do not even require a conscious decision

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