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Usability of high performance pocket camera snapping photography

objektiivipaa.jpgThis article analyses the usability requirements of digital pocket cameras for "high performance" snapping (later abbreviated hi-perf snapping). It is a form of photography that combines the ease of use of pocket cameras with a level of excellence of high quality expert photography.

This article approaches the issue from the viewpoint of hi-perf snapping, because usability is really about how well a task is executed. Tools should be in a non-central role in all usability analyses, allowing abstraction of their design elements, features and functions.

Finally, I shortly analyse one digital camera and its shortcomings. Ok, let's beginů

dohtml-bullet-blue.gif   The style and task of hi-perf snapping
dohtml-bullet-blue.gif   Being ready, being prepared
dohtml-bullet-blue.gif   Being fast
dohtml-bullet-blue.gif   Low social interference
dohtml-bullet-blue.gif   Adaptability to different requirements
dohtml-bullet-blue.gif   Low fuzz
dohtml-bullet-blue.gif   Environmental robustness
dohtml-bullet-blue.gif   An example: The usability of one smalle digital snapper