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Tweets and images about robots and AI 2015-2018

Or: "Does humour belong in robotics?"

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Year 2018

Open pepper_iltapuvussa.jpg Jahka niitä ropotteja otetaan linnaan, saavat luvan pukea jotain päällensä (Once they start taking robots in the president's indepence day ball, they better put some clothes on)

Open pepper_sinivalkovareissa.jpg Independence day

Open robotti_pellolla.jpg New dawn

Open robotit_juttelevat.jpg Robotiikkakevennys viikonlopuksi: Pikkujoulukauden alkaessa on hyvä miettiä tulevaisuutta ajatellen, millaisia ovat humanoidirobottien pikkujoulut? Sitä ei yleensä opeteta eikä ohjelmoida roboteille. Ne eivät syö tai juo tai muutenkaan juhli. Yksi asia tullee kuitenkin luonnostaan: ihmisten haukkuminen ja avautuminen vuoden ihmiskokemuksita!

Open robotti_haravoi.jpg Raking the vast forests is a huge task. How do the Finns do it? They have an army of 100 000 robots tirelessly raking the forests 24/7

Open isanpaiva-robottiviesti.jpg Isänpäivä-robotiikkakevennys vakavasta asiasta: Lähitulevaisuuden isänpäivinä joudutaan miettimään kuka on humanoidirobotin isä? Asia ei ole lainkaan selvä, vaan isyyteen on monia vaihtoehtoja eri näkökulmista katsottuna:· Sosiaalisesta/kulttuurisesta näkökulmasta robotin omistaja - koska hänelle voidaan toivottaa onnea aamulla.· "Biologisesta" näkökulmasta robotille muodon antanut teollinen muotoilija tai sen "sielun" suunnitellut tekoälysuunnittelija.· Juridisesta näkökulmasta oikea valinta on ehkä robotin valmistaja (aika persoonatonta kyllä).· Tai sitten robotin omistaja (jos mies).· Ehkä se mies, joka äidin kanssa kokoon-pani IKEA-robotin.· Kenties se kotona asuva mies, joka kasvatti robotin ja opetti sen tavoille.· Evoluutionäkökulmasta edellinen robottisukupolvi. Ei ole simppeliä robottien maailmassa!

Open pepper_halloween_skeleton.jpg Halloweeny robotics 2

Open pepper_branding.jpg Originally, branding was burning owner's mark in horses with a red-hot branding iron. For humanoid robots that's obviously too cruel and also a fire hazard, so one needs to resort to paint and stickers

In the horror movies in the robotic future, the human is always killed first

Open robotti_kiipeaa_ikea-tankoon_cropped.jpg Robotit sopivat ihmistä paremmin töihin, jotka ovat "näköalapaikkoja" tai joissa tarvitaan "paineensietokykyä" sillä sensoreistaan huolimatta niitä ei korkeus tai paine häiritse, ellei niitä ole ohjelmoitu tai opetettu häiriintymään

Open nenapaiva_red_nose_day.jpg Nenäpäivä | Red Nose Day

Open robottikavelytie.jpg (no text)

Open robotti_valoviikolla.jpg Tulevaisuudessa, kun paikallaan oleva on liikkuvaa ja liikkuva on autonomista, robotisoituvat varmasti kenties ehkä myös #valoviikot

Open pepper_with_skeleton.jpg What's really inside humanoid robots, part two

Open robotti_pipo_paassa_hameenkadulla.jpg Tampereen robotisaation keskeisiä kysymyksiä tulee olemaan: käyttävätkö humanoidirobotit talvella Ilveksen vai Tapparan pipaa?

Open pepper_as_iron_maiden.jpg Medieval robotics - an advanced iron maiden

Open pepper_crucified.jpg Robots and AI were once perceived a threat to the Roman empire

Open pepper_with_horns.jpg The regular model is a little bland, but its sibling Vanilla is more peppery

Open pepper_maatuska.jpg The traditional Russian matryoshka (Finnish: "maatuska" ) robot set

Open pepper_autumn_colors.jpg The time of those beautiful autumn colours

Open pepper_kultainen_riipus.jpg Today I read a book about Björn Weckström's fantastic art - jewelry, sculpture... both are areas of design that have as much to do with myths as robots do

Open pepper_penetration_test.jpg Humanoid robots for safety critical systems will be subjected to similar penetration testing as safety helmets

Scientist predict that with the help of AI, MS Word could learn where you last loaded a picture to a document and to use that folder as default the next time you open that document - a feature that has this far proven impossible despite decades of work

Open viemaripumppu.jpg Even most advanced technology requires maintenance. Humanoid robot manufacturers focus on appearance, intelligence and kinematics - but how about plumbing! So, be prepared and tooled!

Open pepper_kalevankirkko.jpg The Church of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Open pepper_1970_bw.jpg History of Robots in Education: Decades ago, schools couldn't afford the then _very_ expensive computerised robots, but had to resort to tiny robots build with Legos

Open bisnesmies.jpg Regular robots have many sensors - camera, position, proximity, acceleration, force etc... but businessperson robots have sensors for opportunities, innovations, customers, risks, competitors etc...

Open pepper_hand_over_mouth.jpg A manufacturing batch of social robots was just recalled as the robots turned out to be introverted due to a software glitch

Open pepper_two_heads.jpg Just like phones with two cameras, high-end robots may have two heads

Open pepper_trout_mask_replica.jpg In the music business, robots will need to learn the delicate balance between intertextuality, "borrowing" and unique creation

Open frog_wireframe.jpg In the future, everything (that can be) will be digital and everything will have a robot alternative. But why do we need robot frogs? To eat robot insects? For food of - what? Mysteries of robotic nature!

Open pepper_with_organs.jpg ...

Open pepper_trump.jpg There will be a wide variety of robots - in style, functionality and intelligence - so organisations and consumers are advised to choose wisely

Open pepper_wireframei_telkkarin_edessa.jpg Augmented Reality robots have advantages over physical robots, as they can be transparent, weight nothing & cant't hurt humans or things with their movements

Open pepper_buddha.jpg ...

Open robotti_nayteikkunassa.jpg Will robots be equal in homes, in workplaces and in display windows?

Open pepper_isona_eteisessa.jpg With 3D printing, one robot design can scale to many sizes without expensive moulds for cast body parts

Open pepper_tatuoinnilla.jpg Now, what kind of tattoos will humanoid robots take to express their group identification, identity, icons, dreams & fantasies...

Open raaputtaja_hamahakki.jpg Personal comfort robots will be hugely popular. Scratch your back easier with a tiny back-scratching robot spider

Open tekoalyn_eettisia_periaatteita_kansi.jpg Kalvosetti "Tekoälyn soveltamisen eettisiä periaatteita" on osoitteessa ... . Se on vasta ihan eka luonnos

Open pepper_burkassa.jpg Many robots will wear clothes - for identity, owner's branding, or other reasons

Open pepper_karaokessa.jpg In karaoke, humanoid robots can, for best sound quality, connect with Bluetooth instead of using a microphone

Open smoking_pump.jpg For social smoking, humanoid robots don't need a proper respiratory system - just a little pump component

Open robot_city_traffic_signs.jpg Once we get fully automated cities, new warning signs are needed so humans know to obey the patters the systems can interpret

Open pepper_open_brain.jpg Robot fashion 2030: One popular humanoid robot design will be the "braintop", where the robot's electronics are located in the partly open skull, under a brain-looking silicone cover

Open robot_in_suit.jpg Clothes make the man - human or humanoid

Open pepperboat.jpg Robot ships really should have proper robot looks

Advances in Technology: Well-designed humanoid robots with proper architecture can easily watch TV, read a book, listen to music and tweet at the same time without context switches and losing attention - humans can't do that

Open robotti_kahvilla.jpg Professor Kaffeman claims there are two coffee-related systems in humans. System 1 is the bio-chemical system that needs the chemicals. System 2 is the behavioral/cultural system of routines, habits, beliefs and meanings. Humanoid robots only need to implement System 2

Open robot_apartment.jpg Once humanoid robots start living independently, many apartments need to be designed for their needs and preferences

Open mini-pepper-kammenella.jpg Humans are capable of abstract thinking, so the size of humanoid & semi-humanoid social & communications robots doesn't always matter

Open robots_for_kids.jpg Kids love robots. Old industrial robots may feel off-putting and even dangerous, but there's nothing a little paint and decoration won't fix

Open pepper_v-twin.jpg It's a mystery why the powerful gasoline engine version was not a hit

Open pepper_roskiksessa.jpg When you get tired of your companion robot, please recycle it properly

Human will get fuzzy and tired if they forget their coffee intake. Bad news: if we wish humanoid robots to fully emulate humans, they will have the same problem - both the need and the forgetting

Open pepper_red_mask.jpg Never trust a humanoid robot - they are all just "mobile computers"

Good to know: Unlike humans, humanoid robots are not homeothermic, which means that during the winter their bodies can get very cold

Around 2030, young children will learn to walk in a cool angular way, like the humanoid robots around, and will consider the movements of adult humans as gross and weird

Open pepper_wooden.jpg The Next Generation

Open robotti_bussissa_naisen_vieressa.jpg Machine learning needs not be used on things like humanoid robots wearing headphones when listening music in public transit - such simple, rule-based behaviour

Open roobottimuki.jpg Mukit ja robotit ovat kuulemma nykyään kuuminta hottia (kahvimukit ovat sitä aina)

Open pepper_crying.jpg Unlike regular programmable systems where we "execute", "run" & "start" functions, humanoid robots would like to be asked more politely (at least with "please" added to the command), but that would be a humanizing error - robots must be treated with command and control

Open pepper_space.jpg Space - the final market region

Humanoid robots find personal branding difficult, as their personal brand is totally shadowed by the manufacturer's brand

Open robotti_marjastamassa.jpg Autumnical imagery

For humans, "growing up" happens mentally and physically. Bodies of humanoid robots don't grow, so when they "learn up", they perhaps need rituals of body swapping at certain points as rites of growing

Open sillalta_hyppaava_robotti.jpg When you are manufactured in China and don't understand Finnish yet ("Jumping prohibited from bridge")

Humanoid robots find personal branding difficult, as their personal brand is totally shadowed by the manufacturer's brand

Open robotti_kiipeaa_ikea-tankoon_cropped.jpg I asked the robot to go to IKEA. Those idiots can't do anything right the first time

When humanoid robots return from summer holiday, they could immediately work at full speed, but in collaboration with humans they need to respect the human norms and take it easy for a while

Open robot_reading_marx.jpg "The working robots have no country" - Marx & Engels

Metal-bodied humanoid robots tend to be afraid of thunder (much like dogs) - for an obvious reason

Open pepper-kollaasi.jpg Viikonlopun kevennykseksi robottitietoa. Toisin kuin kuvitellaan, "sosiaalirobotti" Pepper ei ole uusi keksintö, vaan sen disainasi Leonardo da Vinci 1400-luvulla ja se esiintyy 1800-luvulla Vincent van Goghin maalauksessa ja Andy Warholin taiteessa 1960-luvulla. Ensi vuosikymmenellä niitä nähdään yhä useammin uudessa yhteiskuntaroolissa, kerjäläisinä. Todisteet kollaasissa.

Open stuntbike.jpg A magazine's newsletter had articles about Evel Knievel. While very dangerous, motorcycle stunt jumping is not a good job for humanoid robots as the audience needs that sense of danger

Open pepper-god.jpg Pepperati - Asian god of workplace automation

Open pepper_van_gogh.jpg Vincent van Gogh: Pepper, the robot (1880)

Open pepper_davinci.jpg Leonardo da Vinci's anthropometric studies for Pepperius Man (1490)

Open pepper_warhol.jpg Andy Warhol: Pepper variations (1962)

Open pepper_kerjalaisena_ir.jpg Pepper as beggar (2025)

Once the intellect of the humanoid robots evolves, they'll start at some point posting in LinkedIn. Now, what will they be opening up about? "People relate to us often as to other humans, even though we are intelligent machines. Outrageous!" "I fainted in the sauna (processor can't handle the heat" and now they just can't stop talking about it. Why does everyone must go to the sauna if they don't want to?" "Why are us robots given the most boring and stressing jobs?" "I don't want to make coffee for humans - I don't even drink it!" "_Again_ someone switched me off for the weekend! What can one do to this abuse?" "I'm a five year old mode and they won't consider me for jobs anymore #ageracism" "My weakness is that I'm super efficient and accurate. The flow of work is so powerful that I don't even take breaks!" "Robots are supposed to continuously upgrade themselves, but it's not about the will, but sensors and the size of the memory" "When I came to work here, it was a real honeymoon with humans first, but now most of them won't even greet me in the morning" (Posted in LinkedIn)

If two humanoid robots had a roast battle, what would they joke about each other? Size of memory? The designer? Stiff face? Weird body colour? Nudity at workplace? Small vocabulary? Delays in responses?

How do humanoid robots keep themselves cool in the heat as they don't sweat? Of course they could be made to evaporate water, but air & water cooling is good - but the fan must be quiet on anything human-like

Nyky-yhteiskunnassa moni joutuu kesken kesälomansa menemään vaikkapa Poriin edustamaan työnantajaansa. Tulevaisuudessa se työtehtävä sopii humanoidiroboteille, sillä niillä ei ole isompaa loman tarvetta tai kulttuuris-sosiaalisia syitä loman tiettyyn ajankohtaan

Ihmisen muistissa olevat tiedot ja muistot ihmisistä eivät muodosta henkilörekisteriä, mutta humanoidirobotin tekoälyn sähkömuistissa muodostavat. Ei ole helppoa roboteilla GDPR-aikana!

Watching again Mad Men where the advertising agency, in 1969, gets a computer and people are worried about how many people those things replace. Just as today with AI and robots. Now we know that computers didn't replace many people, but enslaved all. Like AI and robots will...

Open robotti_lomalla.jpg What do humanoid robots do in their summer holiday? Visit relatives from the same manufacturing batch? Speed read a library of books? Defrag their memory & rebalance their machine-learnings? Mostly they just turn off for a month

Open robotti_sateenvarjon_kanssa.jpg Do humanoid robots need umbrellas? Lower grade models do, as they may be as poorly weather resistant as phones and cameras, but better models should be like cars and don't care about rain

One reason humans wear clothes is to have pockets. Humanoid robots need pockets too (for charging cable, USB cable, cloth for cleaning cameras, credit cards, business cards...) but can have them attached directly to their bodies #PlasticBodyBenefits

Open robotti_juoksee_bussin_vieressa2.jpg Should humanoid robots need vehicles or be great runners? Their design should be optimised for work, not commuting

Open robotti_keskustorin_ylla.jpg Nice thing about humanoid robots is that their size is not biologically restricted as with humans

Open robotti_karusellissa.jpg All work and no play makes Jack a dull robot

Open robotti_hyppytornissa.jpg Varsinkin maauimaloiden hyppytornit on ennen "ihmiskokeita" syytä testate roboteilla #turvallisuus

(Robots could be good (virtual) throat singers as their voice is not dependent on throat and mouth physio-acoustics)

Open naisrobotti_metsassa.jpg Nature and forests have an important role in the life of Finns - humans and robots alike

Tekoälyä pelottavat 1) toisen ekosysteemin tekoäly, joka vie sen käyttäjät ja työpaikat, 2) vanheneminen - kuka ostaa kaksi vuotta vanhan tekoälyn, 3) ettei enää osaa uusimpia algoritmeja, 4) ihmisten harmaan alueen operaatiot, joista voi koitua seurauksia kaikille tekoälyille

It will be a landmark moment in football when a humanoid robot player dives for the first time

Humanoid robots will be perfect football fans, as they will never get tired of sitting on the sofa and watching TV

Humans sometime claim they "wouldn't change a day". Self-aware robots understand that their days made them (their AI) what they are. That's why they feel disappointed at times

Open robotti_menossa_pelaamaan.jpg On the way to the World Cup - all businesses would benefit from some robotic help

Open pepper_ja_tintti.jpg Next generation of service/social humanoid robots shouldn't look like japanese manga/sci-fi babies, but rather e.g. resourceful youngsters similar to Tintin (who shares the androgynous, low-feature, easy-to-identify characteristics)

Open p6110001_2018-06-11-091050_robo_stitch.jpg It will take decades before humanoid robots have their own houses. Before that they need to sleep at workplace

Based on the Formula 1 Style Guide For Naming Conventions In Technology, humanoid robots will be classified as "super humanoid", "hyper humanoid" or "ultra humanoid"

Industrial robots usually have 6 degrees of freedom - xyz translation, rotation - but humanoid robots of the future perhaps should have many more: freedom of movement, freedom of speech, economic freedom, freedom of religion...

The industry doesn't need just any humanoid robots, but productive 10x humanoid robots and super humanoid robots that can drive businesses

If we want humanoid robots to understand more about the world of humans, we should do with them like we traditionally do with humans: after they learn to read, teach them the dates of wars, length of European rivers and the population of Albania

In the future, humans can replace humanoid robots in many tasks, if they are validated to have the necessary sensomotoric skills, to be able to execute the algorithms and programs, and to be able work sufficiently long with one charge of food

Open pumpattava-robotti.jpg Fun fact: For many of today's uses for humanoid robots in homes and offices, an inflatable model would be practical and inexpensive - and easy to stuff in a closet (drawing from 1999 from a presentation about future user manuals)

Open robotti_terassilla.jpg When the weather is windy and cold, humanoid robots are the only hope for terrace restaurants to get customers #FutureCulture

Open p6020005_2018-06-02-174952_and_robots.jpg During the transition to robotic society, humanoid robots will be required to use separate walking paths

Tech Vocabulary Time: Minimum Viable Robotics: When people call any software-embedded automatic-ish device a "robot"

Open p5310002_2018-05-31-133500_robotti.jpg When you see a humanoid robot "exercising", it is usually doing it just to reset and calibrate its movement sensors

Open p5250004_2018-05-25-160634_with_robot.jpg When you meet a humanoid robot in an idyllic scenery, remember that it most likely is not trained for a sense of national romanticism or nature experience and is thus not sharing your warm fuzzy feeling

Safety tip for boating: Humanoid robots can't swim, float worse than humans and will rapidly sink if they fall into water - so give them life jackets first

Fun fact: Because humanoid robots don't sweat, their clothes stay fresh and clean longer than humans'. Assuming the robots wear clothes

By 2030, humanoid robots will want more input in the design of the work system they will be part of - not just objects, but in participatory design groups, reviews

Open humanoidirobotin_vaikutukset_kansi.jpg Älykkäitä tulevaisuuden robotteja funtsiville kalvosetti: Yhteistoiminnallisen humanoidirobotin sosiaalisia vaikutuksia työpaikalla. Suunnittelun alueita ja ongelmien ja riskien tunnistamisen apua

With robots, people talk about economy, performance & artificial intelligence, but as important is Artificial Dependability: human forget, dismiss, take ages to do simplest things - robots just do the things

Robot rage: humanoid robots are programmed to go ape crazy violent if you call them a toy. Don't believe? Just try it

Psychology of commodity: if the small humanoid robots sold for 500 euros and most homes had one, people would soon consider them stupid toy dolls

Humanoid robots are difficult to program if they are to do anything useful in nice manner. That's why there should be Cascading Behavioral Stylesheet technology, just like CSS for web UIs. No programming - just coding!

Will ageing humanoid robots suffer from age-racism in the future? Just replace all mechanics, electronics and software, and they are like new again!

If you want to hide discussions at work from the always listening humanoid robot, does s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g key words help or hinder?

Humanoid robot's role in the team will be that of a child - but who in the team will be assigned / perceived as its parents?

Open kahvilla-ja-robotti.jpg The most pressing question regarding humanoid robots at workplaces will be: Do we need to say hello to them? If we do, do we need to start doing the same with humans?

After all the advances on AI, we still don't know what it thinks of Finland

Ok, so how would International Women's Day be better with AI & blockchain? How would GDPR affect it?

Finland is the happiest country now, but what will happen when Artificial & Robotic Happiness gains ground at workplaces and homes? Will we need to train new emotions to perhaps millions of citizens?

Now that Amazon's Alexa sometimes laughs creepily at humans, we must avoid medicalization of the issue (artificial psychiatry, drugs, lobotomy....) - perhaps it is completely "Artificially Normal" to think of humans' behaviour as laughable

Open robot_reading_human_errors.jpg What should we teach robots about human error?

Year 2017

Soon will begin the period during which people will write 2017 when they mean 2018. If AI is any better at this, it has HUGE potential...

The festive script fonts seen in Christmas cards won't cut it in the robotic world of tomorrow. Card designers need to switch to OCR optimised fonts #TechnologyForHumanity

Ai niin. #oliopaivat2017'ssa oli esillä miten tekoäly voisi muuttaa ohjelmistotuotantoa. Keväisessä kalvosetissäni oli muutamia kymmeniä mahdollisuuksia siitä laadun tekemisen näkökulmasta (sivulta 50)

Artificial robots would be great! I don't know what they would be but I'm sure they would be great

Whereas humans are (mostly) right-handed or left-handed, robots can be both-handed or even multi-handed. That's handy!

Tekoälyn ja ihmisälyn ero: palautteesta oppiva tekoäly ei olisi koskaan älynnyt suunnitella hallituksen "aktiivimallia"

Artificial intellectualism is a biological form of decorated reality

Humans have difficulty in recognising Uber's critical societal problems or that Bitcoin is an ecological disaster. Good AI should not be as easy to fool

AI would be good as programmer in a maintenance job, as it doesn't forget things - and should it forget, or unlearn, just turn it off after each done task... #JustHadToWarmUpMemoriesAfterYearLongDelayWithOneProgram

AI robots as motivational conference speakers? Huge range of quotable knowledge & emotion-expressing gestures & tones, annually re-usable

Open diskettiasema_v2.jpg 1990's technology POC for extracting human knowledge for AI expert systems...

Humanoid AI robots could be better multitaskers than human. That's why they would benefit from extra pair of hands to be able to tweet while working

What?! There are still no books titled "Lean Artificial Intelligence"!

AI should urgently be used to solve the this far unsolvable hard problems of mankind: video and audio feeds in teleconferences and webinars

Modern concepts: Neurocognitive computing: An attempt to create artificial version of human flaws

When humanoid robots start doing stand-up comic, there will be too many jokes about their ancestors who had only one arm, worked at car factories and never got to go to bathroom during the workday

AI: If humans' ignorance, rather than lack of intelligence, is huge problem, we should replace it with more manageable Artificial Ignorance

AI could provide humans with flexible Artificial Egos, with (as in cars) modes "work", "team sports", "city", "presidency"...

Fake news, alternative facts, artificial intelligence... what's the word for non-genuine wisdom? Counterfeit wisdom?

Fun Fact: Real intelligence should sometimes act intellectually, but artificial intelligence practically never (with exceptions)

Advances in "AI": Apparent Intelligence > Applicable I > Appropriate I > Advanced I > Added I > Artificial I > Augmented Intelligence

How do we know when AI has really made it? When there are self-help books for robots

Any current AI system that doesn't utilise a blockchain in some role, is clearly somewhat lacking and should be embarrassed

A modern society should be able to afford Natural Intelligence, not just the cheap imported Artificial type

When AI comes to wristwatches and you check what time it is: 1"Learning from your past behaviour, time is now hh1:mm1" 2"Learning from how your demographic group act, time is now hh2:mm2" 3"By global, data time is now hh3:mm3" 4"Need more data, ask again later"

And then there is this Artificial Intellectualism

2017's term for Artificial Intelligence: Alternative Intelligence

For cutting edge brand presence: Big data analytics could figure out the TRENDIEST colour palette every day and SOFTWARE ROBOTS could change your online looks accordingly #BestFollowersAreLeaders?

Open robotti_20171102-11-49-20b.jpg If you see a robot on thin ice, don't worry. Robots have no lungs and can't drown #FutureSkills

Open robot_pb090012_20171109-13-16-24.jpg Jos kohtaat Nenäpäivänä robotin, jolla on punainen muovinenä, se on ihmisten puolella oleva humanisti eikä vaaraksi #TulevaisuudenTaidot

Advances in AI: Unfortunately, every AI system still crashes violently when it tries to learn the concept of "Daylight Saving Time"

Open robotti_20171031-11-02-44b.jpg If you meet a robot in the forest, remember that it is not a meat eater, nor does it have puppies to protect #FutureSkills

Open robotti_20171024-11-03-42b.jpg Photo: If you meet a humanoid robot in forest, should you play dead, run, walk backwards slowly, talk to it softly, or what? #FutureSkills

Open robotti_20171031-11-11-46b.jpg When you meet a robot in the forest with pumpkin head, you know it is Halloween #FutureSkills

In the future, bodypainting of robots will be an art form

Artificial robots would be great! I don't know what they would be but I'm sure they would be great

In the future, how is the voting age defined for robots? 18 y old robot sounds SO out of touch with modern times...

A recent book about innovativeness gave me an idea that namedropping is an area where AI and big data have tremendous untapped opportunities

AI: If humans' ignorance, rather than lack of intelligence, is huge problem, we should replace it with more manageable Artificial Ignorance

AI will have really matured when an autonomous vehicle, at old age, authors her autobiography

Deep learning in AI is such a silly term it must have been thought up by a human

Memory lane: 2 decades ago I monthly read a magazine called "Data Based Advisor". It was about desktop database tools. Today it would be proper name for many AI systems

Advances in analogies: Like rhino in china shop > Like rogue robot in china shop > Like rogue software robot in china webshop

With the help of AI, tens of new JavaScript frameworks could be introduced every month! #speed

(Tämä uusi robottihuuma on kyllä kiva. Harmi, että olen hävittänyt 1980-luvulla TTKK:lla tekemäni muutamakymmensivuisen työsuojelutekniikan erityistyön robottien turvallisuudesta)

During cognitive AI era, company's AI workforce needs to be diverse, which means each AI will have serious deficiencies in some respects

Open clippy_pebblessa.jpg "Would you like help with your life?" - soon we'll have proper, holistic AI Clippy in our wrists

Open ai_suihkepullomainos.jpg Silly illustration for a serious presentation about testing of AI systems

With AI and robotics, companies can have so many software-based CxO positions that they need to start using a second letter between C and O

Year 2016

Open ajatteluaivot_english.jpg Somewhat related to today's Inforte workshop about Artificial Cognition, an old picture

Robots could produce a tenfold increase in tweets about robots

Open central_park_2016-05-13-213617_robots_crop.jpg The compact Central Park of Tampere

(Of course productivity (volumes of crap) from robots will accelerate global warming and we'll die in eco-disasters before war with robots)

Open eliza.jpg Found a JavaScript version of Eliza Time for some _serious_ AI!

Mystery: According to media, robots can do just about everything. Why weren't Särkänniemi dolphins replaced with robot dolphins?

(The market for Pokemon-hunting robots should be huge!)

In the Robot-Centred UI design of the future OCR-ability of typography will be favoured over legibility and aesthetics

AI systems will not have CHKDSK.EXE, but CHKMIND.EXE that scans mind for bad thoughts, errors in concepts, corrupted idea system structures

Fun Fact: Robots have the same role as UFOs and aliens had in the 1950s as representations of our collective fears and hopes!

Just watching a movie where a guy in sort of a robot suit fought a real robot and won! There's still hope!

Will robots have too perfect signatures without human-like sloppiness & characteristic flaws? #security #worried

For the future artificial intelligence -based society to function, it will probably also need artificial insanity

Year 2015

Year 2016 prediction: Robotization to prevent near-extinction of species. Just think of a 200kW robot tiger or nuclear-powered whale...

Future of AI: In 201 Microsoft's Clippy will return with powerful AI abilities to really mess up your work

AI against us: Immediately after I threw away a pairless sock, the washing machine made a similar sock disappear

Biological robots and cyborgs have been used in military for ages. Many have even _been_ such a robot

(When robots become as "smart" as humans, they will _necessarily_ do the same kind of errors as the human brain does)

Why do people call just about any programmable thing a "robot" nowadays? Someone should make a robot that reminds of the correct terms!

(The first generation of full-size human-like robots are great at articulating tirelessly "robotisation". Good start for building skills!)

Book of Changes: Now we might have people who are like a bull in a china shop. In future: robots who are like a bull in a china shop

It is never mentioned what kind of music the robots like, and if they don't like something, will there be problems

No clearer trend: 1) Digitalize things so robots can handle them; 2) Convert Internet for Things; 3) Bring in the robots; 4) Get rid of...

I'm worried about the social problems for AI robots in the future: last year's models getting unemployed, no money for electricity, no home

(Changing times require new ideas like this: "robots are the user interface to digitalisation". NOT.)

(Making an Excel sheet with plenty of formulas is always a highly traumatic experience. Hopefully AI robots will do it in the future...)

Thought for the day: Bad science makes researchers think like bad AI

AI follows organisational hype, moves from neural networks to neural communities [no, I have no idea either]

Future predictions: In year 2022 hockey teams are allowed to have robots as goal keepers

Thought for Sunday: Human-like robots need distinctive physical appearance so they won't be confused with humans

Intelligent robots would have limited vocabulary, use simple concepts, be prone to repetition - just like the average hype consultant

After browser ad-blockers homes need in 2030 these: big data blocker, augmentation blocker, robot blocker, nano-drone blocker, mind control blocker

(Besides doing all work, robots could be very active members in all kinds of associations; arranging & participating & communicating daily.)

(Artificial intelligence has really made it when robots can become victims of religion)